Apple has finally released the final version of iOS 13 – it is available for download by air for the 14th iPhone and iPod touch 7th generation models. Instructions for installing the update, for example on top of iOS 13.1 beta, can be found in this material, and in this text we have compiled the most comprehensive list of iOS 13 innovations.

Dark mode

One of the most noticeable changes in terms of appearance (and, perhaps, the most anticipated) was the appearance of a dark theme similar to the one that appeared a year ago in macOS. The inclusion of this mode is available in the "Settings" in the "Screen and Brightness" or Control Center. Depending on the wishes of the user, you can choose a dark or light design for continuous use, or set up automatic switching on a schedule.

Dark mode is integrated into iOS: from embedded applications and settings to the entire system. New wallpapers optimized for the dark mode automatically change when switching from light mode to dark.

Completely updated tab "Photos". With it, you can browse the library with different levels of sorting content. Now it’s even easier to find, remember and show your favorite photos and videos. Scroll through the library in the "All Photos" mode, select unique pictures in the "Days" mode, remember the most important moments in the "Months" mode and find the forgotten frames in the "Years" mode.

In the Photos app, Live Photos and videos are now automatically played without sound while scrolling.

In the "Days", "Months" and "Years" modes, the photo previews are enlarged to make it easier for you to find the desired picture. "Photo" also learned to highlight the best part of the frame for the preview. Touch it and the full version of the picture will be displayed.

The application recognizes duplicate photos, blank frames, screenshots, documents and invoices – and hides them so that you see only the photos you need. Smart Album for Screen Recordings: Now all your screen recordings are stored together.

In the "Months" section, photos are sorted by events. The “Photos” tab displays the names of places, holidays, or the names of performers at a concert.

The "Years" mode depends on the context. It shows last year’s pictures that were taken on that day or on dates close to it. If you indicated the birthdays of people from your People photo album, on those dates the pictures with them will be highlighted on the Photos tab.

Improved search: you can combine various search queries (for example, “beach” and “selfie”) without clicking every word in the search. Sound tracks for videos with Memories are selected based on your musical preferences in the Music application.

The Improve feature now gives you the ability to control your automatic editing tools. As the intensity of the improvement increases or decreases, you will notice changes in settings such as exposure, sharpness, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, black point, saturation, and color.

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Filters, cropping and settings can now be used in video: you can rotate the image, apply a filter or increase exposure. Video editing is supported for all formats available on iPhone, including 4K video at 60 frames / s and slow motion 1080p video at 240 frames / s. Edits made to the video can be undone. Delete the applied effect in the same way as a filter, or cancel the crop and return to the source.


Adjust the position and intensity of studio lighting. Increase the intensity of portrait lighting effects by bringing your imaginary light source closer to the subject. This will emphasize facial features, visually make the skin smoother, and the eyes brighter.

The new effect of portrait lighting "Bright tonality – b / w" allows you to take black and white photographs with monochrome objects on a white background.

Security and privacy

Control the geolocation data that is passed to applications with new, precise controls. You can give an application access to your location only once or every time you use it.

Receive notifications when the app uses your geolocation in the background so that you can decide whether to update permission for such access.

Sign in with Apple

Now you can quickly enter applications and sites using your Apple ID. No need to fill out forms and come up with new passwords. Just click "Sign in with Apple" (where available), then use Face ID or Touch ID – and you’re done.

Apple will not track or create your digital profile when you log in with your Apple ID. You provide the application or website with only your name and email address.

Not sure if you want to share your email with a specific application? You decide. You can choose to provide or hide your email address. Apple can create a unique address for you and redirect incoming emails to your real mail.

Signing in with Apple requires that your Apple ID be protected by two-factor authentication. Thus, access to accounts in your favorite applications will also be automatically protected. The function works on all Apple devices, as well as on websites, in Android and Windows applications.


Now roads, beaches, parks, buildings and other objects on it are significantly improved and are displayed in much more detail.

Take a look around: explore the place where you are going, immersed in a 3D trip with a 360-degree view of the terrain.

Create collections of your favorite places and those you’re about to visit. And share them with your friends. To enable one-touch navigation, create a list of frequently visited places — for example, your child’s home, work, gym or school.

The Crossroads mode helps drivers in China avoid wrong turns and directions by showing the right lanes before turning or driving onto a flyover.

Report Arrival Feature: Send your expected arrival time to family, friends, and colleagues. It will be updated if a significant delay occurs. Now available up-to-date information about the terminal of your flight, gate number, departure time and other information.

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Siri can now turn on music, podcasts, audio books, and radios using third-party apps.

Quick commands have become even more effective and allow you to interact with applications using voice. Now in the “Teams” application all the teams you created will be stored.

Get started with the Teams app by adding personalized automation templates. They help you perform daily activities easier and faster.


With 2nd Generation AirPods, Siri can read incoming messages so you don’t have to get your phone.

Connect two pairs of AirPods (or any other BT-earphones) to one iPhone and listen to your favorite music or watch movies with a friend.

Memoji and Messages

Automatically share your name and photo, starting a new correspondence or receiving a response from the interlocutor. You can share this data with everyone, only with people from your contact list or not send it to anyone. You can even use Animoji, any image or monogram instead of a photo.

Searching for Messages will help you quickly find the information you need. Even before you start typing in a search query, you’ll see recent posts, conversations, photos, links, and places — you may not even have to search. After entering the query, the application will sort the results and highlight matching words.

Now you can make your Memoji makeup by choosing blush and eyeshadow. Add braces or pierce your nose, eyebrows, eyelids or the area around your mouth. In addition, 30 new hairstyles, more than 15 hats and additional options for earrings and glasses appeared.

Use the new Animoji characters – mouse, octopus and cow. Memoji and Animoji support all devices equipped with an A9 processor or later.


What's New in iOS 13 - Full Update List

A new quick toolbar directly above the keyboard makes it easy to add a date, time, place, check box or even an attachment with useful information to the reminder. Without even switching to other screens.

Reminders from Siri: the assistant suggests creating a reminder based on the analysis of your correspondence in Messages. You can customize the style of personal or shared iCloud lists – a choice of 12 colors and 60 characters is offered.


The main screen of the CarPlay application has acquired a more modern look: rounded corners, new ways of displaying in the form of tables and an updated status bar. The updated Music app makes it easier to find your favorite songs.

iOS supports the AVRCP 1.6 Bluetooth profile, which allows you to display album art when connected to a compatible car headset or speakers.

Apple maps are always displayed on the control panel, even if other applications are being used at the same time. Siri occupies a small part of the screen, and you can communicate with the intelligent assistant while continuing to follow the route.

In CarPlay, you can activate the Do Not Disturb the Driver mode, which will turn off all notifications. A special section has appeared in the settings, in which you can change the display settings and control the Do Not Disturb the Driver mode.

If you open the application on the iPhone, it will not appear on the CarPlay screen. Passengers can safely select songs on the device, while the driver uses the Maps application.

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Launching applications has become faster: iOS 13 programs open up to two times faster. Unlocking the iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR series is up to 30% faster when using Face ID.

The system has changed the way applications are compressed in the App Store, so the amount of files to download has become up to 50% less.


Now notes are shown as thumbnails with images – so it will be even easier for you to find the desired entry. This is especially useful for notes with images, sketches, or handwritten text from Apple Pencil.

Collaborate with other people by giving them access to the contents of the folder. They will be able to add their own attachments, notes and their folders inside the general.

Now the search function recognizes objects and places in pictures added to notes and helps to find text in scanned documents, for example, in invoices.

Drag and drop interactive list items to reorder. Swipe to indent. And the marked items can be automatically moved to the end of the list. If all the tasks in the list are completed, uncheck the items and use the list again.

Sort notes by sorting them into folders and subfolders. For each folder, you can individually select the appropriate sorting method.


Record important information about your menstrual cycle. Indicate the duration, intensity and associated symptoms, such as muscle cramps or headaches, as well as information about the discharge between menstruation. In addition, you can record key fertility indicators, including basal temperature and ovulation test results.

In the new "Overview" mode, the most important information about your body that is constantly updated is presented: notifications, new entries in selected sources, reports and new functions that you can start using. You can view automatically generated charts and graphs (for example, linear or presented in the form of columns) based on the data of applications and devices that you use most often.

View data in retrospect by hours, days, weeks, months or years and use filters to see average values ​​for all time, for a day, recent values, ranges and warnings.

View notifications and environmental noise information from the Noise app on your Apple Watch. Volume is defined as acceptable or high.

View long-term statistics of changes in key indicators of your activity: last 90 days compared to the last year. If your activity begins to decline, the system will send personalized coaching tips to help you get back on track. Statistics are available for such indicators of activity as the number of calories burned, the duration of the exercise, the number of hours and minutes spent on the legs, the distance traveled, the steps taken, the walking pace and the pace of running during training and the level of endurance of the heart according to the maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max).

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