What To Do If The Phone Is Locked With A Pattern Key

The question is what to do if the phone is locked with a pattern key, It worries many users who have chosen this method of locking their smartphone, and then forgot the key. Indeed, for the owner it is no less sad than that when the Internet does not work on the phone for an unknown reason. But you should not grieve much. There are over twenty ways to unlock a phone that has locked in this way. Consider the most popular of them.

Unlocking the graphic key through the data of the Internet account

The user has five attempts to unlock his smartphone, therefore, you need to enter the random pattern five times at random, after which a window will appear on the screen of the gadget where you will need to enter a username and password from the account that is “linked” to the mobile device. If the data is entered correctly, the graphic key will disappear. An important point: you need to enter the login and password from an already registered account, creating a new one will not help!

Unlock a pattern using a call

If the first method did not help (for example, you forgot your account password or there is no account at all), then you need to do the following:

– make a call to a locked phone;
– click on the “accept call” button;
– after that, turn off the call (do not turn it off, namely turn off, that is, all further actions will occur on the phone, which is in talk mode) and go to the settings menu;
– in the settings you should find the item “phone lock”, then the “graphic key”, where there should be a function in order to deactivate it, clicking on which causes the key to disappear from the gadget screen.

What To Do If The Phone Is Locked With A Pattern Key

Obviously, this method will not work if you find the phone and do not know the number.

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Hard reset or hard reset

This method is recommended to be used only if the first two did not give any result, since it is quite complicated, but it works for sure. As a rule, after using this method of unlocking the phone, the user is unlikely to want to put the graphic key on it again. Hard Reset is a reset of all settings (to the factory settings), of course, with the loss of all personal data. There is a certain key combination, by typing which you can reset all settings. For each model, this combination is different, so before performing a hard reset of the phone, you need to look at the Internet for the combination of your phone. After the reboot, all data from the phone will disappear, and it will be like “brand new”. It’s a pity, of course, that all the information will disappear, but it will be possible to start the phone’s life “from a new sheet”, and certainly forgetting to write a combination of the graphic key somewhere in a separate notebook will be quite difficult.

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