After installing Windows 10 or updating the system, many users encounter a problem when the headphones are not working or the system does not see the connected device. This problem is associated with a missing, damaged, or incompatible driver. To configure the headphones in Windows 10, we offer the following methods.

If you encounter such a problem when the headphones do not work in Windows 10, it is worth checking the following parameters:

  • Connect the headphones to the front and then to the back of the PC. Check which panel is not working for you.
  • Check if the outputs are connected to the sound card correctly (if you are connecting to the front panel). The outputs may be poorly connected, out of reach, or not connected at all.
  • Make sure the correct pinout is set. For example, you connect headphones to the front panel. Windows 10 does not support this type of connection of the audio connector as AC’97. As a result, the laptop does not see the connected headphones. You need to change the connection type to HD Audio and configure the headphones.
  • Connect other headphones to the PC. The headset may not work.
  • Make sure that before installing the drivers you installed the frameworks and drivers for the chipset.
Why Headphones Don'T Work In Windows 10 And How To Set Them Up

If after performing these manipulations the headphones on the laptop or computer still do not work, it is worth updating the drivers. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • The device manager will open. We find "Sound, gaming, video devices." Select a sound card and click "Update Driver."
  • After that, let the system find the driver. However, it is worth noting that in this case, universal software from Microsoft can be downloaded. Therefore, it is worth downloading the Realtek High Definition Audio driver from the developer’s site and in the next window click "Search for drivers on this computer."
  • After installing the driver, it is worth rebooting the laptop or PC.
  • Go to the “Control Panel” and select “Realtek Manager” (or other programs, such as Sound Blaster, Dolby Digital). A new window will open. Select "Advanced device settings", which is located in the upper right corner. In the new window, check “Separate all output jacks as independent input devices”.
  • This is necessary so that the sound is sent to all input devices, and not just to the speakers.
  • Also, in the speaker settings, it is worth checking “Disable the definition of the front panel sockets”.
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If there is still no sound in the headphones, make sure that you are playing a supported format. Perhaps you do not have all the codecs installed and the file format is unknown to your player. Install the codec pack for Windows 10 and check the headset again.

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