Xiaomi Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9 shocked all buyers

Demand for mobile devices around the world is growing rapidly, and for the most part they are buying budget models, that is, those that cost no more than $ 250 (16,000 rubles). This is due to the fact that in most regions of the world people do not earn too much money, and therefore they have to save money to one degree or another by buying a new phone. That is why now there is the strongest competition in the market of budget models, and in the first half of 2020 it will become even stronger, because such new products as Xiaomi Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9 will enter the market. They will be equipped with the latest technology, having received advanced technical equipment.

Of course, the new budget phones of the Chinese corporation will receive the most powerful hardware within their price category, and there will be several features in them, due to which they, without any doubt, will plunge all customers into shock. You need to understand that the Redmi 9 model will be cheaper than the Redmi Note 9, so it, in fact, is a simplified version of the “older” model with the Note prefix. Nevertheless, despite the difference in prices, both new products will be able to boast the latest IPS-screen, which will be embedded fingerprint scanner. Yes, yes, it is in a matrix of this type. In the summer of 2019, one of the Chinese companies presented their new screen with this opportunity, and it is designed specifically for budget models.

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Xiaomi Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9 shocked all buyers

Phones from the initial price category with this feature will begin to be launched on the market in the first half of 2020, and the new Xiaomi Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9 will be one of these. In addition, only USB Type-C interface will be present in these mobile devices, but the manufacturer decided to refuse the 3.5 mm jack, because, in her opinion, it is already outdated. Now Xiaomi alone offers about a dozen different wireless headphones, which everyone can use without any difficulties, and their cost pleasantly pleases not only the eye, but also the wallet.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9 shocked all buyers

Earlier, the announcement of the Xiaomi Mijia Inkjet Printer took place – this is a full-fledged printer with the cheapest cartridges in the world.

Until October 13, inclusive, everyone has the opportunity to get the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet for free, spending only 1 minute of their personal time on it.

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